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Health & Wellness

Student Health: Needle Stick Procedure

Occupational Injuries and Illness

Students who are involved in a needle stick, blood or body fluid exposure, or communicable disease exposure, while at USF-Lehigh Valley, should immediately report directly to Employee/Student Health.

In the case of a needle stick or blood or body fluid exposure, if Employee/Student Health is closed (after 4 pm, weekends and holidays), the student should immediately report to the emergency room at the respective campus.

Students exposed to a bloodborne pathogen will receive counseling and instructions for follow-up from Employee/Student Health services. Students exposed to an infectious disease will receive counseling and prophylaxis (if warranted) from Employee/Student Health.

The student must complete an incident report when any occupationally-related accident occurs while on rotation. Incident reports are paper forms (ADM-02) available on any patient area, in Employee/Student Health services or in the Student affairs office. The incident must be reported to USF-Lehigh Valley’s Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible so long-term follow-up and counseling can be coordinated.

Special Instructions for Blood & Body Fluid Exposures

  1. Wash the wound or area IMMEDIATELY with soap and water. If you were splashed in the eyes, nose or mouth, irrigate the mucous membrane with large amounts of water.
  2. Report the exposure to your preceptor, complete a LVHN Incident Report and proceed immediately to Employee/Student Health or if after hours to the Emergency Department where your exposure will be evaluated. Following this process ensures that LVHN will proceed to screen the source patient for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV using a rapid test, providing the exposed student consents to baseline HIV testing as required by Pennsylvania law. Depending on the circumstances of your exposure and the HIV status of the source patient, post exposure prophylaxis with 2 or 3 drugs may be indicated. If indicated, these drugs must be started within several hours of the exposure; therefore, do not delay in seeking evaluation and treatment.
  3. If you are prescribed Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), you will require follow-up monitoring. Employee/Student Health Services will coordinate PEP management and medical follow up by the LVHN AIDS Activity Office.
  4. Report the incident to the USF-Lehigh Valley student health center.
  5. Call 610-402-STIK for detailed instructions if you need more information.
  6. Any charges for Emergency Department treatment or follow-up care will be charged to the student’s health insurance.

Non-Occupational Incidents

Students who require emergency services due to any other type of accident or illness at USF-Lehigh Valley should report to the emergency room. Any illness or accident must be reported to USF-Lehigh Valley’s Office of Student Affairs as soon as possible.