Faculty Assembly

Education Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Education Committee is to provide faculty and the College with a formal process to lead and guide all education-related aspects of the College of Public Health in order to promote and ensure a quality learning experience for all students.

Structure: T The Education Committee shall be comprised of faculty, with one or more voting representatives from the degree programs offered at the Doctoral level, the Master of Science in Public Health level, the Master of Public Health level, and the Bachelor level as indicated:

  • PhD & DrPH – 1
  • MSPH – 1
  • MPH & MHA – 3
  • BS – 1

These numbers of members are a minimum. The Committee may vote to change the number of voting members in any degree level, based on the needs of the College.  At the time of appointment, each voting member will designate an alternate who will assume the duties of the voting member in the event of absence of the voting member.  This alternate member also will serve as the liaison to the Office of Educational Technology and Assessment.

Voting members will be elected by the concentration leads in their respective degree programs, and should have substantial experience in curriculum related matters.  Voting members will be elected to a term of two years, and may serve up to three consecutive terms.

Duties of the Committee:
  • Review and approve new and revised degree programs, concentrations, courses, certificates, and other items related to instruction/learning, which originate within the College, or in which the College participates with other entities.  
  • Review and monitor the current degree programs, concentrations, courses, certificates, educational methods, and other items related to instruction/learning of the College to ensure quality and appropriateness of content.
  • Review and monitor all procedure, practices, and outcomes that affect any aspect of education at the College.
  • Approve, monitor, coordinate, and promote interdisciplinary academic programs.
  • Approve, monitor, coordinate, and promote experiential-based curriculum requirements.
  • Approve, monitor, coordinate, and promote culminating experience requirements.
  •  Review and approve education-related technology, and associated standards for delivering quality instruction, for both online and in-class courses.
  • Develop, approve, and monitor reviews of student performance, and student academic integrity.
  • Oversee and review College efforts to enhance the academic quality of programs, concentrations, and courses as a means of providing ongoing evaluation to assist in program improvement and in meeting the standards set by the Council for Education in Public Health (CEPH), Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
  • Provides oversight, review and recommendations regarding curricula, educational technology, and educational outcomes. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of integrating technology into learning models and formats, the quality of standards for delivering content, student performance metrics, and other matters that pertain to academic rigor and effectiveness.


Voting Members:  Degree Program:
Phone: E-Mail
Steve Mlynarek (chair) MSPH 974-6628 spm@usf.edu
Cheryl Vamos MPH1 974-7515
Chighaf Bakour MPH2 974-0993 cbakour@usf.edu
Ismael Hoare MPH3 974-7162 ihoare@usf.edu
Etienne Pracht
PhD & DrPH 974-7609
Alison Oberne BS 974-4246 aoberne@usf.edu

Alternate Members:  Degree Program: Phone: E-Mail
Theresa Crocker MPH1   4-8261 tcrocker@usf.edu
Getachew Dagne  MPH2    4-6680   gdagne@usf.edu 
  Donna Haiduvan MPH3 4-6472 dhaiduve@usf.edu 
  Rene' Salazar  MSPH  4-9623  rsalazar@usf.edu  
  PhD & DrPH     
  Tory Peek BS  396-9405  jtpeek@usf.edu 

Student Members    Title: Phone: E-Mail
Adriana Campos
Student - elba@usf.edu
Joannie Bewa  Student - mjbewa@usf.edu


 Ex-Officio Members  Title: Phone:   E-Mail
 Tricia Penniecook  Administration  4-2428  tpenniec@usf.edu
 Janice Zgibor  Administration  4-6277  jzgibor@usf.edu
  Jaime Corvin    Administration   4-8506  jcorvin1@usf.edu
 Sandhya Srinivasan  ETA  4-8911  ssriniva@usf.edu
 David Hogeboom  Admin Support  4-6702  hogeboom@usf.edu
 Rebecca Wood  Admin Support  4-0531  rebeccawood@usf.edu


 Administrative Support  Title:
 Phone:  E-Mail
 Claudia Cooperman  Administration  4-4348  coopermanc@usf.edu
 Jessica Grossman  Admin Support  4-1587  jlp@usf.edu
 Sheri-Lee Shakes  Admin Support  4-6494  shakess@usf.edu
 Kamala Dontamsetti  Admin Support  4-8874  kamalad@usf.edu
 Kelly Graff  Admin Advisor  4-2294  kelleygraff@usf.edu
 Annette Strzelecki  Admin Advisor  4-9135  amanson@usf.edu


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