Faculty Assembly

Executive Committee

The COPH Executive Committee shall operate under the direction of the Dean. This committee shall be responsible for advising the Dean on all matters relating to the implementation and coordination of activities consistent with the strategic plan across all relevant units in the COPH. These matters shall include (but are not limited to) the following: College strategic planning, planning and management of academic programs and other College activities, budget allocations, faculty recruitment, faculty assignments, faculty development, course scheduling, space and equipment allocations, and staffing needs. This committee will include the President of the Faculty Assembly, the Faculty Assembly Standing Committee Chairs, the Strategic Area Leads and others that the Dean deems appropriate. 


 Members:  Phone:  Email:
Ellen Daley
 974-8518  edaley@health.usf.edu
Jay Evans
 974-8412  jevans@health.usf.edu
 Jessica Grossman
 974-1587  jgrossma@health.usf.edu
 Paula Knaus
 974-4064  pknaus@health.usf.edu
Stephanie Marhefka-Day
 974-5810  smarhefk@health.usf.edu
 Thomas Mason
 974-6675  tmason@health.usf.edu
 Steven Mlynarek
 974-6628  smlynare@health.usf.edu
 Wendy Morales
 974-6603  wmorales@health.usf.edu
 Kathleen O'Rourke
 974-3240  korourke@health.usf.edu
 Erica Parris
 974-2529  eparris@health.usf.edu
 Tricia Penniecook
 974-2428  tpenniec@health.usf.edu
 Karen Perrin
 974-6704  kperrin@health.usf.edu
 Sandra Potthoff
 974-9301  spotthoff@health.usf.edu
 Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano
 974-6671  asanchez@health.usf.edu
 Peggy Smith
 974-8577  msmith3@health.usf.edu
 Tom Unnasch
 974-7807  tunnasch@health.usf.edu
 Kay White
 974-6731  kwhite1@health.usf.edu

Meeting Agenda and Minutes