Faculty Assembly

Faculty Affairs Committee

Purpose: The purpose of the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) is to recommend and oversee the implementation of procedures and programs designed to support faculty in the attainment of their professional goals while contributing to the mission and strategic goals of the College and University.

Structure: The composition of the Faculty Affairs Committee is purposely constituted to include broad representation across the three (3) primary professional pathways for faculty members  with primary appointments in the College (Research, Teaching, Practice), as well as across ranks to ensure that the needs and perspectives of all faculty members are represented.  To this end, the following bylaws are in effect for representation and service on the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Membership of the Faculty Affairs Committee will consist of: six (6) Full Professors, four (4) tenured; three (3) Associate Professors, two (2) tenured; (2) Assistant Professors, one (1) tenure-earning; one (1) from each of the following Pathways- Research, Teaching and Practice, and also one (1) Instructor.

Faculty who are also in student status may NOT serve on the Faculty Affairs Committee.

  • The committee will include a minimum of nine (9) and a maximum of fifteen (15) members at any given date in time, which allows for faculty departures, resignations, and interim staffing changes.
  • The Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies shall assign at least one (1) Instructor to serve as an Ex Officio member of the Faculty Affairs Committee.  With this structure, ranks of Instructor I or II can be interpreted as “Assistant Professor,” and ranks of Instructor III and IV can be interpreted as “Associate Professor.”
  • All members of the committee will have at least a 0.50 FTE appointment in the College.
  • Appointments on the committee shall be for a term of two (2) years.  Members MAY serve NO MORE THAN two (2) consecutive terms.
  • After remaining off the committee for a minimum of one (1) year, previous members can be re-appointed to a new two (2)-year term on the committee.
  • The Faculty Affairs Committee Members elect the Chair who must be a tenured full professor.
  • In accordance with university Faculty Affairs guidelines, faculty administration (i.e. Dean, Vice, Associate and Assistant Deans) may not serve on the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Functions and Duties:

The Faculty Affairs Committee advises the Dean on matters related to the faculty in the College. Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Recommend College criteria and procedures for appointment, promotion and tenure in accordance with the University Promotion and Tenure Guidelines.
  2. Recommend College procedures and programs to support faculty development and success such as peer review of teaching, mentoring, evaluations, etc.
  3. Participate in the annual promotion and tenure process and make recommendations regarding applications for promotion and tenure.
    • Committee members, regardless of rank, may review and make recommendations on all applications for promotion from faculty, who are appointed at a rank lower than that of the committee member.
    • Only those committee members who have received tenure at the University of South Florida will be eligible to review and make recommendations on tenure applications.
  4. Participate in the annual mid-tenure and mid-promotion process and provide written feedback to applicants with regard to their progress toward tenure and/or promotion.
  5. Recommend to the Dean rank and tenure status for proposed appointments to the Faculty in accordance with the COPH APT Guidelines.
  6. Recommend faculty for honors and awards in accordance with University and USF Health policies and procedures.
  7. Recommend faculty for sabbaticals in accordance with University and USF Health policies and procedures.
  8. Facilitate understanding of the College Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (APT Guidelines) among College faculty.
  9. Advise the Dean with regard to disputes, grievances and discipline and other faculty related matters upon request.

(From Governance Manual page 10)


Name E-Mail Phone
Tom Mason (Chair) tjmason@usf.edu
John Adams ja2@usf.edu 974-9916
Getachew Dagne gdagne@usf.edu 974-6680
Stephanie Marhefka-Day  smarhefk@usf.edu 974-5810
Etienne Pracht epracht@usf.edu 974-7609

At-large Members:

 Name  E-Mail  Phone
 Yehia Hammad (2017-2018)    
 Troy Quast (2017-2019)   troyquast@usf.edu  974-6730
 Jay Wolfson (2017-2019)   jwolfson@usf.edu  974-6643
 Kevin Kip (2015-2018)   kkip@usf.edu  974-9266