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Faculty Affairs


The Faculty Affairs team provides assistance to COPH faculty, primarily in the areas of recruitment, appointment, pay, attendance and leave, benefits and professional development. Our goal is to help every faculty member in the College of Public Health to have a positive work experience while realizing their professional goals. Our team is committed to excellence in service, creative problem solving, and innovative work processes. We are committed to creating a mutually supportive team that is known for its respectful, caring and ethical treatment of all individuals who seek our services.

  • Penniecook Tricia Tricia Penniecook
    Tricia Penniecook
    Vice Dean, Faculty Affairs and Development
  • June Lake June Lake
    June Lake
    Assistant Dean, Human Resources and Faculty Affairs
  • Sheri-Lee Shakes Sheri-Lee Shakes
    Sheri-Lee Shakes
    Director for Faculty Recruitment
  • Jessica Grossman Jessica Grossman
    Jessica Grossman
    Assistant Director, Academic Planning and Faculty Development
  • Nolan Kimball Nolan Kimball
    Nolan Kimball
    Faculty Services Administrator
  • Lynette Barrett Lynnette Daughtry, MA, MDiv
    Lynnette Daughtry, MA, MDiv
    Faculty Services Administrator