Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Public Health (phSC)


The goals of this interdisciplinary concentration are to enhance the understanding of Public Health, encourage multidisciplinary approaches to health, and inspire future physicians to employ evidence based medical and public health approaches to improve outcomes for patients and populations.The phSC team assists the student in understanding public health principles in domestic and international environments. Issues addressed include evolution of public health; selected disease topics from a public health perspective (i.e. infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, MCH, etc.); functions of public health;  US and international health care; and need for inter-professional medical and public health education and practice. There will be opportunities to participate in domestic or international public health seminars and field experiences.


The phSC has a strong research and practice focus. Each monthly meeting will be divided broadly into two sessions. The first session will be a didactic/presentation related to Public Health topics from faculty (phSC leaders or guest faculty). During the second session the Faculty Leaders will work with students on their projects employing an interactive discussion format. Students are strongly encouraged to: 1) complete a summer scholarly project related to a public health topic of their choice; 2) participate in advocacy related to an underserved population; 3) present projects at scholarly meetings and/or submit manuscripts for publication. The phSC leaders will work with each student to assist him/her in designing, conducting and publishing their research.

Faculty Leadership

Ricardo Izurieta, MD, MPH, Dr.PH

Rahul Mhaskar, MD, MPH, PhD

Miguel Reina Ortiz, MD, MSc, MPH, PhD

Ismael Hoare, PhD