Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Nutrition Research & Health (nSC)


This concentration seeks to engage the student in a comprehensive experience of educational, research and community activities with the goal of achieving competency in nutrition in health and provide knowledge of the research basis for nutritional recommendations and guidelines. Students will be able to identify areas in nutritional science for scholarly inquiry. The overall goal is to provide a scientific basis for the integration of nutrition and medicine in the maintenance of optimal health, in the prevention of specific diseases, and in contributing to the management of specific pathophysiological conditions.


Students will meet regularly with their mentors and peers for lectures and work-in-progress sessions on research projects. Topics will range from the basic principles underlying the discipline of nutritional sciences, the role of nutrition in the development and progression of specific diseases, the application of nutritional counseling to promote optimal health and to prevent disease, and the contributions of nutrition to the management of specific pathophysiological conditions.

Faculty Leadership

Barbara C. Hansen, PhD

Crystal Jacovino, DO

Heewon Gray, PhD, RDN 

Diana Rancourt, PhD

Yevgeniya Kushchayeva, MD