Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Medical Humanities (mhSC)


Verbal and visual expressions within the Medical Humanities context provide a lens and interpretive approach into the complexities, ambiguities, and nuances that define the human condition. Because everyone is an unpredictable story of twisting narrative threads, this concentration offers rich opportunities for study and exploration by way of the following: history of medicine, fiction/narrative, art, music, dance, film, and theater. Each contributes to, develops, and nurtures skills of observation, analysis, empathy, and self-reflection. Students learn about stroke, obesity, end-of-life, and heart attacks in basic science and clinical skills classes, but their understanding of the complexities and consequences associated with each of these is made more concrete by examining various forms of art.


Academic Program will include activities such as: readings and group discussions with various faculty, special theater events, and museum visits to USF Contemporary Art Museum, Dali Museum, Ringling Museum, Tampa Museum, and films.

Faculty Leadership

Jordan Messler, MD

Marzenna Wiranowska, PhD