Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Law & Medicine (lmSC)


This concentration seeks to have the student appreciate the legal aspects of medicine. Students will learn what regulations govern them, how those regulations come to be, and how they are enforced. Students will gain the knowledge and tools to understand where their practice of medicine fits in the regulatory state vis-a-vis individual practices and healthcare policy. It is hoped that this concentration will improve healthcare delivery and practice by producing physicians well-versed in the legal aspects of medicine.


The lmSC academic program will include these components: Black Robe Day, other off-site field experiences including Hillsborough Country Sherriff’s department Ride-a-Long, Board of Medicine Credential/Full meetings, participation as a volunteer in a legal intervention program, such as the Guardian Ad Litem Program of Hillsborough County as well as group discussions, senior year presentation, research, and presentation & publication opportunities.

Faculty Leadership

Jay Wolfson, JD, Dr.PH

Katherine Drabiak, JD