MD Career Advising

MD Career Advising

Medical Student Year 3: Choosing a Specialty

  • Begin clinical rotations; record your reflections using the Clinical Rotation Evaluation
  • Review the Charting Outcomes in the Match data to assess qualifications and competitiveness for different specialties
  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your top choice
  • Complete the Specialty Indecision Scale if you're having difficulty making a decision
  • Complete Choosing Your Specialty exercise
  • Explore Externship options

April (post USMLE Step 1)

  • Individual Activity - Complete "Exploring Options" self-assessment activities


  • Introduction to Clerkships – Associate Dean for Student Affairs (Tampa) or Assistant Director of Student Affairs (LVHN)
    • Workshop on maximizing clerkships and learning to meet faculty who can provide Letters of Recommendation
    • Optimizing preparation for shelf/final exams in clerkships – Dr. O'Callaghan


  • Individual Collegium Director Meetings
    • Check-in to determine if student is making a successful transition to clinics
    • For SELECT students initial in person meeting with Collegium Director at LVHN

July - February

  • Additional Collegium Director Meetings
    • Specialty Choice discussion
    • Review of record – ePortfolio update


  • Workshop with John Molidor:
    • "Choosing a Specialty-Game, Set, Match"
    • "Charting Outcomes in the Match"
    • Preparing a Personal Statement
    • Creating a Curriculum Vitae
    • What to Expect in the Interview

Mid-February through mid-March

  • Individual Collegium Director
    • Match personality preferences to medical specialties
    • Selecting/Recommending Specialty Advisor
    • Discuss 4th year strategy and schedule
  • Sign off 4th year schedule with Collegium Director


  • Specialty Fair/Round-Robin Reception
    • USF Program Directors and Coordinators
    • Possibly other Florida-based residency programs
    • 4th Year student representatives
    • Medical and surgical programs held at separate dates/times
  • Choose Specialty Advisor


  • ERAS opens
    • Begin completing residency application
  • Register for Early Match