MD Career Advising

MD Career Advising

Medical Student Year I: Understanding Yourself

As a first year medical student at the Morsani College of Medicine you will:

  • Be assigned to a Career Advisor
  • Peered with a MSII
  • Become familiar with CiM
  • Attend Career Advisor workshops
  • Plan Summer Experience
  • Start Portfolio Profile


  • MS 1 Orientation includes Introduction of Career and Academic Advising


Advising Workshop- Director, MD Career Advising

  • Career Advising Program – 4 year timeline
  • Introduce Career Advising & Collegium Website
  • Collegium Structure and Introduction of Advisors
  • Careers in Medicine (CiM) Introduction & Login Information
  • Roles for Dr. Zwygart, Dr. O'Callaghan


1st Collegium Directors Meetings

  • Introductions
  • Address Questions
  • Discuss use of CiM
  • Assign students to determine career specialties they are considering for individual meetings
  • Reminder of use of academic resources (Dr. O'Callaghan, tutors), personal advising (Student Affairs, HELPS, Office of Student and Resident Professional Development, etc.)

November to February

Individual Collegium Director Meetings

  • Career direction-discussion of current goals and perspectives
  • Make sure students know there are 148 medical specialties
  • Ensure that the student understands the general timeline for specialty choice and residency application
  • Discuss what is needed to be successful for specialties of interest (research, extra-curriculars, clinical experiences, electives)
  • Summer plans
  • Discuss academic progress
  • Check-in on any outstanding paperwork (transcript, immunizations, etc.), Collegium Director then coordinates with Student Affairs or Medical Health Administration on any outstanding issues