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MPH with a Concentration in Global Communicable Disease

MPH in Global Communicable Disease at USF's College of Public Health


The Global Communicable Disease concentration provides an opportunity for science-oriented students with an interest in communicable diseases to receive specialized training in the recognition, identification, diagnosis, surveillance, control, and prevention of public health problems related to communicable diseases throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the problems of Florida and underdeveloped nations. Students graduating with this concentration will receive training within five core domains central to the study of global communicable disease:

  1. Tropical and Emerging Infections
  2. Microbiology
  3. Immunology and Genetics
  4. Public Health Interventions and Disease Control
  5. Applied Global Communicable Disease

  • Students are required to complete an applied practical experience; students will need to work with an organization outside of USF as an intern to be able to apply the skills they learned in their program. Students who are interested in the research aspect can work with faculty on their research projects to gain experience and learn what type of research they are interested in.
  • In this degree program professionals can work in infectious disease research, state, and local health departments. Work in an NGO to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Students are also able to become involved in Food Safety and prevent the spread of illness, with career paths in the FDA, CDC, and other government organizations. The spread of infectious disease of non-human. Species is a path for those who are interested in zoonotic disease transmission.

  • To learn more, please contact a Pre-Admissions Advisor at (813) 974-6505 or