RGHS Selection Process

Induction Criteria

RGHS membership is open to MSIII and MSIV students at Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) who have demonstrated excellence in scholarly endeavors. Potential inductees must be in good academic and professional standing reflecting the highest ideals of the profession of medicine.

Applicants who fulfill the induction criteria are encouraged to self-nominate by completing an online application, providing a CV, a personal statement and two letters of support. Membership is competitive with anticipated maximum inductees no greater than 20% of a given graduating class. It is expected that the majority of the class inductees will be selected in the spring of their junior year.  Faculty members and distinguished alumni are also considered for induction with resident physicians to be considered in the future.

  • Qualifying Scholarship

    Scholarly projects are encouraged in all fields, including but not limited to biomedical research, innovation, education, the arts, creative and service oriented projects. Projects should contribute towards improving medical attitudes, health outcomes and the advancement of medicine.

    Qualifying scholarship must include at minimum three (3) of the following achievements in any of the following categories or within a single category in order to be considered:
    1. Authorship of peer reviewed published journal articles
    2. First authorship of competitively reviewed abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentations at regional, national or international conferences
    3. Development of service projects, innovation/entrepreneurship, arts and humanities or educational modules representing relevant scholarly work
    4. Awards of extramural or intramural funding for qualifying projects
    5. Special recognition or awards for scholarly work
  • Application

    Self-nominate via on-line application, providing a personal statement and current CV

    Two (2) Letters of Support submitted via separate link provided to the individual letter writer:
    1. One letter MUST be from a mentor on the qualifying scholarly endeavors
    2. One letter can be from collaborative faculty who are non-MCOM
    3. MCOM and/or affiliate faculty, MCOM administrative leadership, or RGHS alumni

    Student applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee consisting of invited faculty, alumni, RGHS members and RISE leadership.
  • Criteria of the Scholarly Work

    1. Approximately 80% of the qualifying scholarly work(s), including the data-gathering portion, must be performed while the student is enrolled at MCOM.
    2. Scholarly work performed while a student is on an approved leave of absence for the purpose of performing this work is eligible.
    3. Scholarly projects done during the pursuit of a concurrent degree may be considered.

  • Timeline

    1. Introduction to the classes in NOVEMBER
    2. Call for nominees in JANUARY
    3. Deadline for receipt of supporting documents in MARCH
    4. Decision for induction into RGHS in APRIL
    5. Recognition ceremony during senior graduation week of Year 4

  • Benefits of Membership

    1. Recognition by fellow scholars
    2. Opportunity to be considered for additional awards
    3. Leadership opportunities at MCOM
    4. Networking beyond medical school