The Center for Advanced Clinical Learning (CACL)

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Space Allocation

The CACL has a total of 6,038 square feet and is located on USF Health’s north Tampa campus on the first floor of the College of Medicine. The majority of the area, 4,906 square feet, is within the newly constructed CACL, while 1,132 square feet is in adjacent space on the first floor that is commonly referred to as the annex. The CACL includes 3 simulation suites, 14 rooms for use with standardized patients, 3 small conference rooms which hold 12 learners each and a large classroom that holds 28 learners. The CACL also includes a computer lab for up to 12 learners, storage, offices, restrooms and lockers for 28 learners.

The CACL uses B-Line Medical Clinical Skills Suite as the technology integrator for all task and team training both using standardized patients (SPs) and specific skills training without SPs. This closed loop system allows for direct observation and recording of all training events hosted in the CACL including teaching and assessments for evaluation and coded debriefing. This integrated system allows for the collection of a 360°evaluation on each of our learners for a comprehensive educational experience.

Immediately adjacent to the CACL are two large conference rooms (1097 and 1098) which hold 125 learners each and the COM Auditorium which holds 500 persons. All are available to the CACL for scheduling of larger groups. Additional restrooms are available immediately outside the CACL and parking is accommodated at the assigned campus parking lots for the College of Medicine (COM).

Clinical Room Description

  • Hard Furnishings Interior (per room)
    • 1 Exam Bed
    • 1 Rolling Stool
    • 2 Chairs
    • Desk
    • Sink
    • One-Way External Window (that is an Internal Mirror)
    • Mirror Behind Bed
  • Technology Interior/Exterior (per room)
    • 2 Cameras (Interior)
    • 1 Microphone (Interior)
    • Outside Headphones (exterior)
    • Computer & Monitor (interior & exterior)
    • Speakers (optional) (interior)
    • Telephone (optional) (interior & exterior)