The Center for Advanced Clinical Learning (CACL)

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Simulation & Technology


The USF Morsani College of Medicine’s Center for Advanced Clinical Learning offers enhanced clinical learning and simulations in the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy and athletic training. Training includes the use of simulators and standardized patients.

The Center maintains 12 patient examination rooms, a dedicated Simulation Room, an enhanced classroom, as well as a conference room. Each examination room is equipped as a comprehensive clinical replica with advanced digital video and sound recording capabilities. A dedicated, networked computer inside and outside of each room allows for discrete, preprogrammed testing and/or and all 12 rooms may be simultaneously monitored from a master station.

Additionally, the Center offers a twelve person video-monitoring station room that is connected to the computer network system for individual and group diagnostic reviews and debriefing.

Highly trained, standardized patients, along with state of the art simulators, enhance the clinical learning experience and can be utilized together as a hybrid encounter or alone in a more traditional educational fashion.

Currently, all students in the Morsani College of Medicine, Nursing graduate programs, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training programs rotate through the Center as an integral part of their academic curriculum. However, as an educational venue, the Center’s size and scope is unique in the state of Florida and offers a facility to train beyond academics.

Rental of the Clinic space will be for educational purposes and may include, but is not limited to,
professional development, State or National Certification, re-Certification, Licensure, or public awareness. Students may come from the academic, private or public sector. Revenue acquired from Center rental will be used to maintain and enhance technology, equipment, resources, and facility infrastructure.

Simulators & Utilizations

B-Line Digital Recording

  • Record and Document Skills. Each room is equipped to record all activity and conversations, as well as implement written assessment questionnaires. Further assessment may be made as grading rubrics for Course Directors, preceptors and standardized patients.


  • High Fidelity human simulation to teach critical care, measure student response to emergency scenarios and teach intervention protocols for early learners.

METI iStan

METI BabySim


Laerdal SimMan

Harvey Heart Sounds Simulator

  • PD Skills
  • Mini CPX Exam, CCPX Exam
  • Harvey Elective
  • Heart Murmurs Seminar

Laerdal NeoNatal Simulator (2 low-fidelity simulators)

  • Critical Care Simulation
  • Nursing Management Simulation

Laerdal Intubation Head Simulator

  • Emergency Medicine Simulation Skills
  • ACLS Course
  • Critical Care Simulation

GE Ultrasound Sonogram Machine

  • Anatomy Class Skills
  • Emergency Medicine Simulation Skills
  • Simulation Elective Skills

Blue Phantom Anatomical Simulation

  • Emergency Medicine Simulation Skills

Femoral Artery Simulator

  • Emergency Medicine Simulation Skills

Central Line Torso Simulator