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Bone Health Clinic

The USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center is the Tampa Bay region’s epicenter for diabetes and endocrinology treatment, research, and education– offering a multidisciplinary team  approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and endocrine disorders. Our providers offer care for a full spectrum of hormone-related conditions including those affecting bone and calcium, thyroid, growth, adrenal, pubertal, menopausal, and transgender concerns that may lead to short stature, early or late puberty, atypical sexual development, pituitary disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome and infertility, and adrenal disorders.

The Bone Health Clinic within the USF Diabetes and Endocrinology Center offers patients comprehensive care for prevention and treatment of bone loss. As a part of the region’s only academic medical center, our team of experts works together to devise a personalized health care plan and provides patients access to some of the newest treatments and advancements for bone disorders. By offering a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, we are committed to providing advanced care to patients with weak bones and fractures and prevention of secondary fractures.

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Services Provided

Calcium and bone disorders we treat include:
• Osteopenia and osteoporosis related to, but not limited to, post menopause, hypogonadism, transplantation, glucocorticoid, and anti-cancer therapy
• Hyperparathyroidism
• Hypoparathyroidism
• Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia
• Hypercalcemia
• Hypocalcemia
• McCune-Albright syndrome
• Other genetic disorders that affect bone
• Vitamin D deficiency

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We also provide bone health screening services to:
• patients who are at risk for weak bones
› Including women age 65 and older and men age 70 and older
• post-menopausal women younger than age 65 and men younger than age 70 who have risk factor(s) for low bone mass
› including low body weight, history of prior fracture,   use of high-risk medications, or a known disease        or condition associated with bone loss
• patients of any age with a history of a bone fracture from trauma such as a fall that is equal to (or less than) standing height

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