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Undergraduate Studies



Are you interested in a health profession? Health professionals include doctors, pharmacists, dentistry, optometry, physician’s assistants, veterinarians, physical therapist, and more. An undergraduate degree in the College of Public Health would set a strong foundation and complement these professions. Pre-health prerequisites may be taken alongside the public health major requirements.

Pre-Health Advising

Applying to health professions program can be stressful and confusing. You must make your application as competitive as possible to give yourself the best chance to get accepted. These factors include a high GPA, entrance exam scores, letters of recommendations, involvement and experiences, and co-curricular activities. At the College of Public Health, we offer pre-health advising from a certified pre-health advisors that can guide you through the process.  

Alternative Paths

During your college experiences, your interests and goals may change.  You may lose passion for your initial health profession program or you may not be a competitive candidate. Our advisors are trained to assist students in revising their course plans to accommodate your new career or graduate program interests, including, but not limited to:

  • alternative health profession programs
  • allied health careers
  • clinical health careers
  • post baccalaureate degrees (2nd bachelor’s)
  • pursuing a graduate program
  • getting into the workforce