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Undergraduate Studies

Living Learning Community


The COPH Bulls in Health Living Learning Community is open to first year students, transfer students and current students who either currently major or plan to major in Health Sciences or Public Health. In the College of Public Health, our practice is our passion and the COPH Bulls in Health LLC will set you on a path to success. Students in the LLC will co-enroll in critical health sciences prerequisites or public health course work, participate in special events and activities to introduce you to the College of Public Health and USF Health. Additionally, the LLC allows you to network with administrators, faculty and high achieving student leaders in the College of Public Health. You will also have an Academic Advisor from your major with office hours in your residence hall to answer your questions and assist you in reaching your individualized goals. While in the LLC, you will develop the skills necessary to reach your personal, professional, and educational goals throughout your time at USF and in your future career.

Located In: Poplar Hall
Open To: All health sciences and public health majors

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Benefits of the COPH Bulls in Health Living Learning Community

  • Living with students who share similar interests in Healthcare
  • In-hall Academic Advising
  • Individualized academic support and career coaching
  • College of Public Health and USF Health lab tours
  • Interaction with leadership and faculty in the College of Public Health
  • Community service opportunities in Public Health
  • Tours of USF Health facilities
  • Introduction to specific facilities, resources and offices at USF Health which are specifically for USF Health students
  • Connect with a COPH Faculty in Residence
  • Common course enrollment
  • Special programming designed to increase academic and career success

For questions, e-mail