Undergraduate Studies


Certain courses across campus do require permits in order to register. Below is a guide to help you navigate the process.

BSC 2085/L & 2086/L

For Health Sciences majors, we reserve certain sections of BSC 2085/L and 2086/L. These are traditionally on-campus sections benefitting those students pursuing a health profession graduate program. Many of those programs require or highly prefer sciences to be taken in-person.

While reserved for our students, you must request a permit for these courses. The lecture and lab are corequisite courses of one another. You must register for lecture and lab from our list at the same time. Please note: The Colleges of Nursing and Medicine both offer these courses as well. Both offerings are sufficient for our major. However, for example, if you take the lecture section offered by the College of Nursing, you cannot take the Health Sciences lab.

If you are a Health Sciences major and need to request a permit for for BSC 2085/L or 2086/L, please click here.

If you are retaking the lecture or lab, please make a note of that so that we can issue the correct permit for you.

If there are seats available, we will open these sections the week of Add/Drop for students outside the Health Sciences major. Permits to non-majors will not be considered until then.

HSC 2000 & ENC 2210

These two courses are for Health Science majors only. Permits are not required for Health Sciences majors. If you recently requested a major change, you will be able to register for these when your major is officially changed.

Other Course Permits

Certain courses taught outside of the purview the College of Public Health may require a permit from another department. If you encounter a course that needs a permit, below is a list of common departments our students may need to call upon to request a needed permit.