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Undergraduate Studies

Student Advising

Student Advising

The Advising team at the USF College of Public Health provides guidance on academic policies, requirements, and processes. Just as each student is unique, so should each degree plan. Advising is determined to working alongside students to design individualized plans while providing compassionate guidance through the journey of Public Health education.

  • Advising can currently be completed in-person, virtually through Microsoft Teams or over the phone.

    To get started, please select your appropriate status:

    Current USF Student Non-USF Student

    Once you log in, please select College of Public Health, then select your major (i.e. Health Sciences or Public Health). You will then be directed to select the advisor you want to schedule an appointment with (assigned advisors are notated with an asterisk *). Select the available preferred date and time.

  • All Drop-In Advising is conducted remotely, through the USF Archivum system.

    Drop-Ins are 15 minutes long and are done on a first-come/first-served basis.

    During our scheduled drop-in dates/times, students can log-in to the USF Archivum system and select "Get in line for a Drop-In Appointment" on the Appointment Scheduling page.

    The Drop-In list will open 10 minutes prior to the start of Drop-Ins. You can review the scheduled Drop-In days and times on the calendar below.

    If you have any trouble with this process, you can email

    Please keep the following in mind:

    When the drop-in list reaches capacity it will be closed and you will be unable to add yourself. Therefore, we strongly recommend signing up early to ensure you are able to get on the list.

    Once you add yourself to the list, please be prepared to receive a call from our office based on your chosen communication method (phone or Microsoft Teams).

    As an added note, when we pull your name from the list, in preparation to call you, your name will no longer show on the drop-in list.

    We are here to help you. If you are unable to find an appointment or get on to the Drop-In list, please email

    We are providing email advising as well to best support our students. Please keep in mind, during peak advising time the HHS and PH Advise inboxes have a 3-5 business day response time.

    What Can Be Seen in a Drop-In?

    The following are appropriate for a 15-minute Drop-In appointment:

    • Course planning for the upcoming semester
    • Graduation checks for seniors graduating in the upcoming semester
    • Registration emergencies (NOT permits)
    • AF Holds (Former Student Returning Hold)
    • Major exploration/declaration of major

    What Cannot Be Seen in a Drop-In?

    The following will need a 30-minute appointment and cannot be discussed during a drop-in:

    • ARC Academic Renewal paperwork
    • AP Holds
    • AA Holds
    • Financial Aid or Study Abroad Forms
    • Career planning
    • Double Major or Concurrent Degree paperwork
    • ROTC semester planning paperwork (104R)
  • Why should I see an advisor?

    With any new experience a little help is beneficial. The College of Public Health advisory team at USF is the perfect companion for our students college career. Your advisor will help you to choose the right courses for your individual needs, design your degree plan, and develop plans for continuing education or future job prospects.

    How often should I see an advisor?

    It is important that you see your advisor at least once every semester, especially during your first year at the university. Students should prepare before each advising appointment by preparing questions and reviewing their DegreeWorks.

    Students must clearly articulate and explore their goals, plans and concerns with their advisor to ensure that the advisor is able to provide an individualized academic plan. Students who actively participate in the advising process and academic goals will have a successful experience.

    When is the best time to see an advisor?

    See your advisor early in the semester. If you wait until the week before your registration appointment time, your advisor may not have any available appointments. It is best to make an advising appointment during February and October because academic advising offices are not as busy.