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Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice


Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice

The Center for Leadership in Public Health Practice was approved as a State University System Type 2 Center in the University of South Florida College of Public Health in 1999. It is placed in the Dean's Office to signify its college-wide significance.

The Center was established to give organizational structure to a growing number of activities within the College including to provide training for the Florida Department of Health workforce. The Center expanded its focus beyond the local community, seeking opportunities throughout the country in pursuit of the vision to strengthen the public health workforce. The Center strives to understand, expand, and facilitate the translation of knowledge and collaborate across disciplines within Florida and beyond.

Visit our Center Programs pages to learn more about our activities.


The mission of the Center is to develop leaders who advance the public’s health by creating the conditions for the regenerative ecosystems necessary to ensure thriving for all.


The purpose of the Center is to develop and provide educational leadership opportunities for those in Florida and beyond who are working to advance the public’s health.


The Center envisions a network of regenerative leaders working within thriving community ecosystems.