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Online MPH with a Concentration in Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief & Homeland Security

Online MPH in Global Disaster  Management, Humanitarian Relief & Homeland Security

The Online MPH with a Concentration in Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief and Homeland Security (GHH) plays an important role in global health. The heterogeneity of this field covers a wide range of events resulting in public health emergencies, such as natural hazards, bioterrorism, civil disorder, nuclear and biological threats among many others.

With increasing frequency and intensity of complex humanitarian emergencies, armed conflicts, infrastructural failures and human displacement, the need for formal training and education has increased. Local and international organizations, governments and United Nation agencies need highly trained professionals to manage and direct programs aimed at disaster risk reduction and public health emergencies. Developing a cadre of high-quality professionals trained in mitigating and preparing for such global public health threats. 

This concentration builds on the existing framework of the College of Public Health’s core courses, experiential learning, and scholarly project. Combining this framework with disaster management, humanitarian relief and homeland security courses enables graduates to 1) analyze cross-cutting issues related to social justice and human rights principles 2) appraise the role of the local, state, federal government, and military in the disaster management cycle, and 3) plan, implement, and evaluate public health programs in a national or international humanitarian setting.

The Concentration requires 42 credit hours; For further questions, please reach out to Amber Mehmood, GHH Program Director, or Cyrus Stewart, GHH Program Advisor. 

There are unique benefits to both studying online and studying on campus. Whether you want more flexibility or value in-person learning, it’s important to choose the right option for you. Explore the differences between our Online and Classroom-Based MPH programs.

  Online Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief and Homeland Security MPH On Campus MPH (any concentration)
  Non-Resident FL Resident Non-Resident
Tuition cost per credit hour $525 x 42 credits $431.43 x 42 credits $877.17 x 42 credits
Total program tuition cost $22,050 $18,120.06 $36,841.14

Total program tuition cost estimates do not include application fees, late fees, registration fees, educational resources (e.g., textbooks, etc.) or the one-time new graduate student fee. Costs also exclude the Distance Learning Fee, assessed at $30/credit hour for any online course, regardless of residency or delivery modality.

Please note: With the exception of the Department of Children and Family (DCF) waivers, all other waivers (including State of Florida and USF employee) are not accepted for Self-Funded/Self-Supporting or Market Rate Tuition program courses.

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To learn more about the classroom-based program tuition fees per credit hour, please visit: USF Tuition and Fee Information

*Some fees may vary per campus location.

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  • Students interested in experiential learning opportunities related to the GHH Concentration should explore:

  • If you want to first consider one of the three fully online graduate certificates, you can access the flyers below by going to Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance, or Homeland Security. Visit the University of South Florida website at or contact Dr. Amber Mehmood ( or (813) 974-8221).

  • Career opportunities can vary for graduates of this program. Those who are in the military, PHS Corps or are governmental employees generally remain within their current area but bring back a strengthened resume that can help them move up or further along to a position that better suits their ambitions and needs. 

    Others who are just starting out will have the formal education that the degree provides, but will then need to begin at an entry level supervisory position to gain experience in the field.

    Currently we have alumni with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the military and PHS Corps, Federal, State and local governments, health care settings, and both National and International Non-governmental Organizations (e.g. Carter Center In Sudan, World Vision in Africa).

    Students interested in exploring careers related to the GHH Concentration should explore:

  • To learn more, please contact a Pre-Admissions Advisor at (813) 974-6505 or