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PharmD MPH

The University of South Florida College of Pharmacy’s mission is to revolutionize health by innovation of patient centered healthcare through education, research, and service. The empowerment of students, professionals, and patients as catalysts for change at all levels of health. In order to accomplish this mission the USF College of Pharmacy in partnership with the USF College of Public Health now offers a concurrent degree that allows Pharmacy Doctoral students the ability to earn a Master of Public Health while completing the Pharmacy degree. Graduates of this program will be more marketable as they will possess the principles and skills necessary to improve and protect the health and well-being of populations.

  • Participation in a concurrent degree will necessitate successful admission into the secondary program. Minimum eligibility requirements for PharmD students to pursue a concurrent degree include:

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Composite PCAT score > 65%
    • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of ‘B’ letter grade (i.e. GPA > 3.00/4.0)

    Students will also provide a brief statement of intent describing reason for pursuing the concurrent degree, plan of action for success, and acknowledgement of personal responsibilities. Upon receipt and review of these materials, the Application will be signed by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. A copy of these materials will be maintained in student personal records.

    Students will be required to contact the concurrent degree program and complete admissions and other requirements. Additional program-specific requirements may include, but are not limited to, the identification of an Academic Advisor, tuition and fees (beyond the PharmD), and grade point average requirements. Acceptance into the concurrent program will be communicated with the COP prior to program initiation and course registration.

    • Complete the Application for Concurrent Graduate Degree
    • Brief written statement of intent. Describe reason for pursing the PharmD/ MPH)
    • Submit Application and statement to USF College of Pharmacy Registrar
    • Meet with Associate Dean of Student Affairs (ADSA) for approval
    • Meet with Student Success Coach for approval and success plan
    • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs provides final approval for PharmD prior to Public Health admission process

    Students are encouraged to meet with financial aid staff (COP and MPH degree program) to ensure clarity with fiscal obligations.

    Once all Pharmacy approvals have been received, the College of Pharmacy Registrar will submit approval to the College of Public Health to start their admission process.

Contact Information

Masters in Public Health - College of Public Health

The College of Public Heath offers a variety of degree programs, including several specialty areas. The example curriculum document reflects the general degree program. Students are welcome to pursue distinct interests, which will affect completion timeline.

COPH website

Application Deadline: November PY1 year for fall start (see web site for other semester start dates)

COPH Contact:
(813) 974-6505


  • Instances when this may occur include: students who decides to take a course concurrently with PharmD courses during the PY2 and PY4; and when student takes concurrent degree courses to suffice a PharmD elective.

    Students would be responsible for registering and paying for the course external to the PharmD curriculum. There are currently no other tuition and fee payment options, however the COP will continue to pursue (e.g. higher bundled tuition for PharmD that includes payment for a concurrent course).

  • PharmD – proceed with ARPSAC process
    Concurrent program – proceed with academic disciplinary process as per program (see Graduate Catalog)

    Currently there is no historical president as to how course failure will affect the other degree. However, good academic standing is required for progression regardless of degree program.

  • PharmD - same as above
    Concurrent program – same as above

  • The decision to pursue concurrent coursework is determined by the student. The COP has an obligation to monitor concurrent degrees and concentrations. Since graduate certificates are handled differently by the University, it is difficult for the COP to monitor student participation.

    For students who are unable to commit to a concurrent degree, pursuit of a graduate certificate may be a good investment. If the certificate focus is similar to that of an existing concentration, then this route would be recommended. The same process used for determining whether to pursue a concurrent degree or concentration, should be utilized for graduate certificates.

    For some students, pursuing a certificate may be a better option, however there are financial implications and course transfer limitations. Students are encouraged to communicate directly with the specific certificate program director.

    Process should a student decide not to complete the concurrent degree program.

    Much depends on the reason for the withdrawal. The following web link to the 2017-2018 Graduate Catalog provides guidance and processes for voluntary withdrawals and academic dismissals.

    It is anticipated that the student would schedule meetings with both academic advisors (in COP student success coach) and the Office of Student Affairs (whether Associate Dean or Director) to discuss interests and/or needs. Thereafter the appropriate paperwork would be completed, and separation would proceed.