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Pharmacy & Health Education Concentration

The University of South Florida Taneja College of Pharmacy offers both concurrent degrees and concentrations. Environmental changes have resulted in a more competitive marketplace for PharmD graduates. Concurrent degree and concentration programs may afford graduates potential for greater differentiation and marketability. A student may elect to declare a concurrent degree or concentration track as early as the second semester of the first academic year. Students are encouraged to speak with their Student Success Coaches to determine which track is best for the student prior to declaring a track.

The purpose of a concentration is to allow pharmacy students to focus on a particular career path or specialization as they matriculate through the Pharmacy curriculum. A student may elect to declare a concentration in their second or third year of coursework or remain a generalist. Concentrations available at the USF College of Pharmacy are listed in the chart below.

Students at any time may cease to purse a concentration. Each concentration requires a combination of core and elective courses (minimum 11 credit hours). See individual concentration requirements for specific detail regarding coursework. Specific concentrations may include courses which require an application process and maintenance of a certain GPA. Students are encouraged to speak with their Student Success Coaches and the concentration specific Coordinators about concentration declaration and individual career goals.

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