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Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent degrees combine the PharmD degree with a degree from another discipline. Admission in each program of study is required. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the other program’s admission requirements and submission deadlines. A bachelor degree is required to participate in a concurrent degree. PharmD students are eligible to enroll in the concurrent degree program after successful completion of one semester. However, students are encouraged to start the application process, within the Taneja College of Pharmacy, as soon as interest is determined. Students who want to pursue a concurrent degree must complete a USF Concurrent Degree Application.

PharmD MBA PharmD MPH PharmD MSPN

Course Work

Students admitted to the PharmD program could earn a PharmD and concurrent degree in five years if they successfully complete courses as per the proposed schedule.

Timeframe Schedule
Fall / Spring Year 1 PharmD Courses
Summer Year 1 Foundation / Prerequisite courses (as required based on previously completed coursework) or begin degree coursework
Fall / Spring Year 2 PharmD courses; possibly one course per semester from concurrent degree
Summer Year 2 Concurrent degree coursework
Fall / Spring Year 3 PharmD Courses; students may complete two (2) courses from concurrent degree program in lieu of PharmD electives (fall and spring)
Summer / Fall / Spring Year 4 Complete PharmD courses and earn Degree; possibly one course per semester from concurrent degree

Post PharmD Graduation Complete concurrent degree courses as available and earn degree opportunity may exist for some PharmD students to take one concurrent degree course along with the PharmD curriculum upon approval from both disciplines. Close monitoring by faculty advisors from both programs will be required.

The ability to follow this schedule depends on many variables, which may not be attainable by all students. The application process includes steps to ensure students perform a thorough analysis prior to proceeding.

The Taneja College of Pharmacy has worked with each of the concurrent degree programs to identify courses that may suffice requirements for both degrees. Shared requirements may include core and elective courses.