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PharmD Program Overview

Curriculum & Standards

The USF TCOP curriculum is very similar to that offered by other schools and colleges across the state of Florida and country. This is purposeful as there are standards that must be upheld by all pharmacy programs must to remain in accordance with national accreditation, financial aid and state regulatory requirements. The USF TCOP Mission, Vision and Goals serve to guide curricular content as well as other TCOP endeavors. The integration of technology, student engagement in the educational process, and interprofessional activities serve as the foundation for each course. The faculty will utilize a variety of instructional methods to foster student attainment course objectives.

For an active learning environment, our pharmaceutical skills courses utilize EHRGo as one of several innovative learning technologies in the course series. Students apply their knowledge in simulated, real-world functions using this electronic health record and other pharmacy management systems, including PioneerRx, which is utilized in Pharmacy Plus, to prepare them for life outside of the classroom.

All students will be enrolled on a full-time basis. Several courses may be taught predominantly on-line, however the majority of courses will include classroom contact. Lectures will be limited so that peer and faculty interactions can be maximized. For many courses students may be required to listen to lectures on-line, or complete activities and/or assignments in preparation for class. The emphasis of the USF TCOP is the comprehension and assimilation of knowledge, with subsequent demonstration of competency (skills and abilities).

"The USF TCOP curriculum includes both core and elective coursework. The didactic and experiential elective opportunities allow students to pursue areas of interest and/or focus their attentions in order to position themselves for post-graduate education, training, or employment."

Faculty within the Department of Pharmacy Practice will support the majority of the experiential training. Faculty practice locales will include USF-affiliated facilities as well as other local medical and pharmacy institutions. Along with the USF TCOP faculty, local pharmacists will serve as preceptors, and will be integrally involved with the development and implementation of the experiential curriculum. Requests to pursue novel training experiences, e.g. a professional organization internship, will be handled on an individual basis.

The faculty and staff of the USF TCOP will continually strive to attain the mission, vision and goals of the program, and to support the global mission of USF Health. We look forward to assisting students with the realization of their academic career goals.