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WE-CARE Program


Workgroup Enhancing Community Advocacy & Research Engagement (WE-CARE)

The WE-CARE program is a cross collaboration of multiple stakeholders who serve as a Workgroup Enhancing Community Advocacy and Research Engagement. Our team works to improve health outcomes among minority populations by increasing minority enrollment and participation in research and building trust and mutual respect between the community and researchers.

Mission & Objectives

WE-CARE Mission:

To advocate for and oversee clinical and translational research activities within various minority and medically underserved communities in the Tampa Bay area. More specifically to increase community interest in research participation and promote community ownership of research studies that lead to empowerment of community members to create sustainable, positive health outcomes.

Objective I: Empower underrepresented communities
Objective II: Provide oversight, protection, and advocacy for community participants involved in research
Objective III: Create and enhance clinical research opportunities for underrepresented communities
Objective IV: Enhance and expand trust between academic and clinical institutions and the community
Objective V: Strengthen the relationship between researchers and the community

By connecting community members with academic research at USF, WE-CARE hopes to address underlying disparities that lead to reduced health outcomes for underrepresented minorities.

The long-term goal of the WE-CARE program is to replicate this model at other major academic institutions and build a network of research outcomes and date that can be synthesized through a data coordinating center - thus maximizing health equity research and improving health for all.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

The success of WE-CARE is made possible through the support from and collaboration with various partners. We and the community thank you for helping to achieve health equity!

The WE-CARE program is rapidly growing and always looking for opportunities to partner. For more information you can contact any member of our Advisory Board.

Original Published Date: 12/20/2016 Revised: 05/25/2018

For more information you can email us at or contact any member of our Advisory Board.