WE-CARE Program

For Researchers

WE-CARE works to bridge researchers with the community in order to achieve health equity. Inclusion of underrepresented populations in research studies is needed to ensure treatment, therapies and interventions are effective for all. Through WE-CARE, researchers can engage with the local community to raise awareness about their research and increase enrollment and participation in their studies.

Benefits of Participating

  1. Receive invaluable feedback/perspectives/insights from representatives of underrepresented populations  
  2. Gain experience discussing your research with members of the local community (and potential study participants)  
  3. Expand your reach: get your study promoted to our community network of faith based and community based organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area 
  4. Engage and network with underrepresented groups and community leaders 
  5. Empower community members to participate in research studies and improve health outcomes
  6. Contribute to achieving Health Equity!

The Process

The Research Review Process is a two-part process consisting of (1) abstract submission and (2) a brief presentation with Q&A to a committee of community members. Based on the committee’s feedback, your study will be promoted to the WE-CARE community network.

  1. Submit your abstract and informed consent
  2. Within 1 week of submission: the Advisory Board will contact you to schedule your presentation date 
  3. Present to the Community Research Review Committee 
  4. Within 1 week of presentation: Receive feedback from the Advisory Board
  5. If approved by the Committee, the Advisory Board promotes your research study to the WE-CARE community network

Your abstract provides the committee detailed information regarding your study. Here is a link to the questions you will be asked. Please note you will also be asked to upload your informed consent.

After the advisory board reviews your abstract, they will inform you of next steps and provide complete details for the presentation.

Submit My Abstract