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Student Testimonials

Why the Taneja College of Pharmacy Graduate Programs?

We believe in educating the next generation of researchers and professionals in finding innovative healthcare solutions. Being the only program of its kind in the U.S. we provide a competitive niche for the fields of pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, nanotechnology, and engineering. With our diverse program curriculum, students are able to tailor their coursework to their future career goals.

Learn more from current students and alumni, detailing their experiences and advice for prospective students.

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MSPN Student Spotlight with Jadi Weaver

MSPN Student Spotlight with Jadi Weaver

How does this program help students interested in pursuing a professional program?

Alejandro Gonzalez

“The MSPN program has a been a fruitful challenge that has stimulated my professionalism, hard-work, and responsibility. These are essential components that prepare any capable student for the future and will undoubtedly help me in my pursuit of medical school. There exist seldom programs that grant you the opportunity to work firsthand with skilled scientists from various backgrounds to solve a problem in short time.”
- Alejandro Gonzalez, Research

How does this program make students more competitive for job opportunities?

Karina Ayala
“The academic knowledge and hands-on experience I gained while completing this degree will set me apart from other job applicants who are seeking a career in research and development. I now have the knowledge and skills that industry companies are looking for such as the ability to provide innovative ideas and bring fresh perspectives to research projects.”
Karina Ayala, Entrepreneurship
Pratik Chopade
“By completing the Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology program, I learned new concepts and techniques which helped me enhance my research skills and boost my confidence in my abilities. The program has been a stepping stone towards a successful research career by providing in-depth knowledge on the various applications of nanotechnology and granting industrial exposure. This program allowed me to successfully gain employment at Harvard Medical School as a Research Technician.”
Pratik Chopade, Research
Ilkin Nesirli
“This program granted me an enormous networking system with other laboratories and well-known professionals in the field. During my time in the program I learned how to conduct 15 different experiments while increasing my knowledge of pharmaceutical nanosciences in direct relation to laboratory practice. After graduation I was able to return home and obtain a job as a Laboratory Director for the Azerbaijan Medical University. This program can help students identify their own potential and provide amazing career opportunities for their future.”
Ilkin Nesirli, Research

How do you believe this program helped you achieve your next career/educational steps?

Ted Lee
“Some of the classes in the program have been quite illuminating in that I learned a great deal about various aspects of nanotechnology and how it has impacted drug development. I expect that knowledge will be of great professional and personal benefit. As such, prospective employers may find this part of my educational background quite appealing. Already having a Pharm.D., this new found knowledge will only enhance my employability.”
Ted Lee, Entrepreneurship
Gavin Powell
“One of my favorite things about the MSPN program is that pharmaceutical nanotechnology is still in its infancy, thus the novelty of pharmaceutical nanotechnology creates an environment full of potential. I plan to further my education in the field of pharmaceutical nanotechnology so I can build upon those who founded the field, and become a pioneer in creating the next generation of nanoscale pharmaceuticals.”
Gavin Powell, Entrepreneurship