USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Center and Research Institute

Consultation for Facilities

Professional consultation is available to help long-term care facilities fulfill their missions to both residents and residents’ families. Consultations are customized based on your facility needs but some of the most common topics are listed below.

Cultivating Staff Success

Ensuring staff have the knowledge, understanding and skills to effectively interact with and care for a resident with Alzheimer’s is essential for the success of an assisted living and memory care facility. It is also important for staff to understand the needs of the residents’ families and help them on their caregiver journey. We will work with you to determine the specific education and training needs for all staff including your administrative professionals, direct care staff and other support staff and volunteers.

Design for Dementia

There is both an art and science to properly design facilities caring for residents with Alzheimer’s. The USF Health Byrd Institute works with your design team to develop an environment that minimize behaviors, and also maximizes safety, engagement and quality of life for your residents.

Care for Families

Moving a loved one to an assisted living facility is one of the most difficult and emotional decisions a caregiver faces. The process begins before they move their loved one in and continues to evolve after placement. Having the knowledge, skills and insight to make the transition begin and continue on a positive track is critical. Meeting the educational and emotional needs of the family caregiver can positively affect the quality of life of the resident, the overall stress level of the family, as well as the relationship between the family and staff.

Consultation is available to identify the educational and emotional needs of the family caregivers of your residents, to initiate a caregiver support group or to assess the expectations, communication concerns and satisfaction of residents’ family members.

For more information on the consultation services and pricing:

Eileen Poiley, MS
Director of Education
USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute
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