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Prescriptions and health technology: Patients seeing providers at the Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare can make use of convenient option for filling prescriptions. Ask your USF Health doctor or nurse practitioner to send your prescription to Pharmacy Plus, located on the first floor of the Morsani Center. By the time you reach the pharmacy, medication is verified, including your insurance coverage. Now you and your pharmacist have time to talk about your medication and health.  USF Health Pharmacy Plus +  also gives you access to a range of technology for monitoring your health. Digital health is the future of connecting with patients and improving care.

The clinical pharmacy team provides care to patients who have a primary care provider within the USF Morsani Center Family Medicine Department. The pharmacists work closely with the physicians, physician assistants, and nursing staff as part of the healthcare team to promote optimal patient outcomes. The clinical pharmacists provide several services including:

Services Provided

Pharmacy Plus offers on-site Pharmacogenomics experts who can guide you on how your genes can have a role in determining how your body reacts to a medication. 

Anticoagulation Monitoring
Monitoring clinical response to warfarin therapy and providing ongoing patient education decreases unnecessary adverse drug effects associated with warfarin. During each visit with the patient, the clinical pharmacist will assess for signs and symptoms of bleeding, and identify other medications that may interact with warfarin. Counseling on lifestyle, such as diet and exercise, is also provided as this may affect warfarin therapy. A simple point of care INR test is performed by finger stick during the visit in order to assess the level of anticoagulation. The clinical pharmacists work under a collaborative practice agreement, where they are then able to adjust the warfarin dosing regimen based on each individual patient’s needs.
Pharmacotherapy and Medication Management 
The clinical pharmacists specialize in medication management, as well as the care and management of certain disease states such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The pharmacists work with patients more intensely in between physician visits to more closely manage these chronic illnesses. The clinical pharmacists use their medication knowledge to determine the best medication regimen for each patient, and provide education on how to take medications to get the most benefit from them. Sessions with a pharmacist range from 30 minutes to one hour, and often involve extensive education on appropriate management of the disease, including nutrition and exercise recommendations. 
Immunization Administration 
The clinical pharmacists are certified through the Florida Board of Pharmacy to administer immunizations. The pharmacists can administer all vaccines, including annual influenza as well as pneumonia and shingles.


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