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What if we took pharmacy back to its DNA… back to its essence… and then we prescribed empowerment, innovation, creativity, connectivity, teamwork and personalization?

The traditional behind-the-counter role of the pharmacist is changing in the new era of the digital health revolution. Our pharmacists can do more than provide pills. They can be a valued health partner for improving your life.

USF Health Pharmacy Plus™ is blazing a trail, making the one-size-fits-all approach obsolete. It's a personalized experience providing you with full range of specialized services to improve your quality of life. It's bringing you, your pharmacist, and your healthcare team together to collaborate and communicate. This is a profound reinvention of pharmacy care that will make the futuristic visions of health closer to reality.


Pharmacy Plus Floor Plan

USF Health Pharmacy Plus is a national prototype, giving you the level of pharmacy care everyone else will be providing years from now - today.

A future where:

  • The pharmacist plays an integral role on your healthcare team.
  • You keep the healthy conversation going with both technology and human interaction.
  • It's about more than taking a pill. It's about how we will use innovative new tools to help you live healthier.
  • You receive health advice from your mobile device.
  • Your doctor’s prescription sends you to an online, multimedia learning experience as often as it does to the pharmacy.
  • Medication is personalized specifically for you.
  • You can check your health as easily as you check your email.


Pharmacy Plus Tech

Innovations making your life better + easier

Pharmacy Plus Robotic Dispensing Machine

+ Provide Medications.

Streamlining prescriptions to you. Saving you time. Improving your health. USF Health Pharmacy Plus includes a new dispensing robot, Rex, preparing and tracking prescriptions safely, efficiently and accurately. It gets the job done in seconds.

Your USF Health doctor or nurse practitioner writes your prescription, which is fed into your electronic health record and transferred immediately to the system at USF Health Pharmacy Plus. By the time you reach the pharmacy, medication is verified, including your insurance coverage. Now you and your pharmacist have time to talk about your medication and health.

+ Provide Knowledge.

Providing real-time support from compliance to education. We take patient education to the next level - beyond what happens at the retail counter, over the telephone or through written communication. We deliver real-time information directly to you in a customized, personalized way. We’ll advise you on how to change your health.

Meds On Cue
USF Pharmacy Plus Tech

+ Provide Technology.

Digital health is the future of connecting with patients and improving care. We’re developing new ways to connect with you in the ways you prefer through digital therapeutics or digital health. We help you integrate digital apps and mobile technologies into your clinical care and daily health routine. We can prescribe wearable devices to help you monitor and manage your health, a digital program for your acute or chronic illness, and behavior change and wellness through digital applications.

+ Our Partners