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Growing Up with USF Health Family Medicine 

As our children grow into adolescence, their health care needs expand. Our specialists are experienced and trained in a wide range of physical and emotional issues and can help your family navigate the formative complex pre-teen and teen years and provide critical parental guidance and developmental screenings. During pubertal development, certain conditions may intensify and become distressing for the adolescent, their parents and providers alike. We have the training and expertise to engage your entire family in promoting wellness and understanding for the best possible outcomes. In the event your child needs specialty care, USF Health Family Medicine is part of a large multispecialty practice – the largest on the west coast of Florida – that includes state-of-the-art medical advances, research and technology.

Abnormal eating behaviors
Adolescence is a time of life when young people are focused on their self-image. Every year, approximately 5.4% of children will be diagnosed with an eating disorder. Girls are diagnosed at a higher rate than boys, but boys are also susceptible to anorexia, bulimia, binging and purging. Our doctors and staff work together to perform a physical, laboratory tests, and psychiatric evaluations to identify and treat eating disorders.

Sexuality and gender related issues

The onset of puberty, sparks a time of discovery that brings physical, biological, psychological, and emotional changes to the body. Social changes and relationship dynamics can change during this time and, as adolescents begin to experience changes to their bodies, teenagers are full of questions. Many times, parents are also in need of guidance and support to help answer questions concerning sexuality and what is “normal.” At USF Family Medicine, we address all aspects of sexuality and gender-related issues.


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