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Children Services 

Choosing the right doctor for your child, especially a newborn, can seem overwhelming. With USF Health Family Medicine, your child will be cared for by compassionate, highly skilled physicians and staff. Our family physicians are able to care for your child through every phase of life, from birth to adulthood. Our team of providers can see your entire family, which not only offers you great convenience but also continuity of care.  

Wellness Visits  

During a baby’s first six months of life they will double their birth weight and grow a half an inch to an inch monthly. At this rapid pace of growth wellness exams are a way to track your child’s development, identify concerns early, and prevent future health issues. During the critical first year of life, your baby will experience key milestones for sleep patterns, eating, and colic, among many other areas. Routine wellness visits help create a strong foundation for a healthy relationship between you and our providers, working together to achieve optimal physical, emotional and social health of your child. 

Developmental Screenings 

During a child’s wellness exams, developmental screenings are performed to monitor a child’s basic learning skills. If detected and treated early, conditions such as autism, attention deficit, intellectual disabilities and delays in language have a greater chance for successful management in the future. 


Vaccinations keep our children safe against disease.  The first vaccinations are administered at age 2 months, and follow a recommended schedule through 18 years of age. If your child has missed the recommended vaccination, a catch up schedule is available to help meet their immunization needs. 

School and Sports Physicals

It is never too early to schedule your child’s back to school physical exam – scheduling in the early spring can ensure a timely appointment. The back to school physical is not only a time to update vaccinations, but also track development, growth and learning.  Sports physicals include different criteria, the exam focuses on family history of cardiac and neurological issues, as well as bones, joints and muscles. Please speak to our staff when scheduling a sports physical about also scheduling an annual school exam.   

Care for chronic conditions, such as mental health and Diabetes 

Navigating the world of chronic conditions and diseases like diabetes can be an overwhelming task. Our Family Medicine practice has an integrated network and offers planned care and a support system to promote a healthy optimistic life.  As your frontline primary care providers, we can help you connect with specialists throughout USF Health for all of your more specialized health care needs