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Our Family Medicine providers welcome new patients as well as those who transition from our adolescent practice. We offer an all-inclusive program focused on prevention and early interventions, include screenings for common illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol, as well as treatment of more complex conditions. 

Our health professionals’ main objective is to establish a personal relationship with each patient and craft an individualized health care plan. Our goal is health management, which can include weight management, smoking cessation programs, and mental health intervention. If specialty care is necessary, our offices have access to a wide spectrum of specialists at USF Health. 

• Routine Exams and Health Risk Assessments 

Routine wellness exams are crucial in achieving optimum health. As we age, we are prone to developing common conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or arthritis. Routine physicals as part of a health care regimen help ensure a future of better health. 

• Screenings and Preventative Care 

During routine physicals your provider will take a family history and screen for genetic and environmental factors, which can indicate a predisposition for a particular disease. Measures can be taken to offset disease, or catch the disease early in order to plan effective treatments or management options. 

• Immunizations 

Vaccines are not just for children. Speak with your provider to see which vaccines are necessary for you. 

• Healthy Lifestyle Counseling 

Why I am so tired after work? Are two glasses of wine too much? How can I lower my risk for heart disease? Lifestyle counseling can help you find the answers to these and many other health related questions. Our providers can help you reap the health benefits of integrating small changes into your daily routine in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

• Chronic Illness Management 

Effective disease management begins with a healthy partnership with your provider. Our personalized care means you will build a support and proactive care method to help you live your best life. 

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