Office of Research

Research and Initiatives

collaborative for research understanding sexual health

Collaborative for Research Understanding Sexual Health 

The purpose of the CRUSH is to foster high quality interdisciplinary working relationships between faculty and students engaged in scientific discovery related to improvement of sexual health.

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maternal and child health leadership training program

Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training Program 

The vision of the MCH Training Program is that “all children and families will live and thrive in healthy communities served by a quality workforce that helps assure their health and well-being.”

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Social marketing group

USF Social Marketing Group at the COPH 

The mission of the University of South Florida, Social Marketing Group at the College of Public Health is to help public sector organizations effectively apply social marketing in order to improve health outcomes and life circumstances.

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MCH Train a bull

MCH Train-A-Bull 

The purpose of the Maternal and Child Health Pipeline Training Program is to recruit, mentor, train, guide and support undergraduate students who seek graduate training in a variety of maternal and child health-related fields.

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study design and data analysis center

Study Design & Data Analysis Center 

The mission of the center is to coordinate and facilitate research activities among members of USF Health in medical and public health research fields. 

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center for drug discovery and innovation

Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery

The Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation (CDDI) is a Florida Center of Excellence serving the research community at USF and south Florida.

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senior surfers and social networking

Senior Surfers & Social Networking 

Senior Surfers and Social Networking: An interdisciplinary investigation into online dating outcomes for women using social networking sites.

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Job experiences in nursing homes

Job Experiences in Nursing Homes 

This research study seeks to explore the job and workplace experiences of personnel employed at nursing home facilities across the U.S.

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USF neurodevelopmental medicine

Neurodevelopmental Medicine 

The mission of the Neurodevelopmental Medicine Program is to improve children’s health through research, education, and healthcare. 

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Air quality and public health

Air Quality and Public Health

This interdisciplinary group consists of scientists and researchers having expertise in air quality modeling, measurements and monitoring, and present and potential health assessments.

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Substance Abuse Research & Community Outreach Collaborative

Substance Abuse Research & Community Outreach Collaborative

The Substance Abuse Research and Community Outreach Collaborative is a platform to come together as professionals and organizations of varying backgrounds and interests to address diverse issues of substance abuse through scientific research, community outreach and health promotion.

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Alternative Treatment Options for Veterans (ATOV)

The purpose of ATOV is to evaluate “alternative” treatment options, such as Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Equine Therapy, for Florida veterans with a history of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).


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