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Center of Excellence in MCH

Degree Programs

College of Public Health

Maternal and Child Health Degrees

The Maternal and ChildHealth concentration prepares students for leadership roles to address andprevent the major public health problems of women, children, and families,especially those from culturally diverse or underserved populations. Usingmultidisciplinary approaches, students develop the analytical, advocacy,programmatic and evaluative skills necessary to address health disparitieswhile also emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention amongpopulations in need.

MPH – Maternal and Child Health Degrees

Dual Concentration Programs

The Maternal and ChildHealth and Epidemiology concentration is a professional degree intended forindividuals who want to pursue public health research and practice focused onthe outcomes, determinants and health policies and programs impacting thehealth and well-being of women, children and families. The knowledge and skillsobtained through the concentration will enable graduates to characterize thehealth status of culturally diverse and underserved communities, criticallyevaluate research on determinants of health-related events, formulatestrategies to evaluate the impact of health-related interventions and applyepidemiologic methods for health promotion/disease prevention activities.

MPH – Maternal and Child Health and Epidemiology

Concurrent Degree Programs

The concurrent master’s degree programallows students to pursue a concurrent program of study leading to both theMaster of Arts (MA) degree in Applied Anthropology and the Master of PublicHealth (MPH) degree. Students choose a concentration area and degree programwhen they apply to the program, but this can be changed once the student hasbeen admitted, provided they qualify.

Public Health (MPH) and Anthropology (MA or PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD in Public Health with aConcentration in Community and Family Health prepares public healthprofessionals who can meet the challenge of improving the health status of thefamily and the overall community. The program offers focus on: (1) the analysisof the health status and needs of a population including social, behavioral anddemographic factors and characteristics; (2) health promotion and education;(3) client and community-based intervention strategies; (4) development andevaluation of community and family health programs. This program and itsfaculty provide students with excellent research opportunities in domestic orinternational arenas through basic and applied research; conducting innovativecommunity-based demonstration programs; providing consultation and technicalassistance to agencies and communities; and providing continuing educationprograms.

PhD in Public Health with a Concentration in Community and Family Health

Maternal and Child Health Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate in Maternaland Child Health (MCH) is designed to provide specialized training in publichealth problems affecting infants, children, adolescents, and women of allages. Required coursework is designed to overview the major health issuesaffecting MCH populations, develop methodological skills selected areas, suchas data analysis, program planning, and evaluation and research. Supportcourses allow students to focus some of their coursework on selected areas ofMCH interest. The certificate program has been developed for the following groups:1) Public health practitioners 2) MPH students who desire focusedgraduate-level training in MCH.

Maternal and Child Health Graduate Certificate