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Bull Professional Engagement Network

USF COPH's Bull Professional Engagement Network (BullPEN) prepares students for their post-graduate careers by offering career planning workshops, career development seminars, alumni job talks, and more. 

The BullPEN provides both required and optional career planning and professional development opportunities for students while emphasizing professional reflection, intention, and application to help students develop healthy, professional habits both now and in their future public health careers.

To learn more, browse the offerings below or reach out to Dr. Anna Armstrong ( with questions you may have.

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Shriya Bhatnagar, MPH Student
Through participating in the BullPEN Cohort, I've earned a Spring Internship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta! This program helped me grow my professional mindset and use resume building skills and interview tips.Shriya Bhatnagar, MPH Student
Epidemiology & Global Communicable Diseases