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Podcast: Advocation - Change it Up

Podcast: Advocation - Change it Up!

Advocation - Change it Up! is a podcast series from the University of South Florida's College of Public Health Activist Lab covering important public health topics and how we can do our part in advocating for change. Our host, Dr. Karen Liller, professor at the College of Public Health and Director of the Activist Lab, is joined in each episode by a student co-host and esteemed guests who share their knowledge and experience on air. 

Podcast Statement

Adopt a School Program

Adopt a School Program

The Activist Lab's Adopt a School Program invites students from local schools to participate in lab meetings with Dr. Liller and her student team to introduce and foster interest and engagement in topics they would like to advocate for within their school and/or community. Students hone writing and speech skills while learning how to implement change at all levels.

2020 Program of the Year

Find Your Voice Seminars

Find Your Voice Seminars create a space for continued advocacy plans, advice for students, and the latest on public health initiatives. Emma González and David Hogg recently joined the Activist Lab in engaging students and community members on Gun Violence Prevention.

Let’s Chat to Prevent Loneliness and Social Isolation

The Let’s Chat to Prevent Loneliness and Social Isolation project is designed to develop and implement effective strategies to prevent and/or decrease loneliness and social isolation in our communities which is now at epidemic levels in the US. The Activist Lab is working with libraries, organizations, universities, and others to spread the word about this issue. We also have a statewide task force developed with the Florida Public Health Association to increase our reach. We are providing resources from task-force members and others at this site that might be helpful.

Public Health in a Minute

Public Health in a Minute

Public Health in a Minute videos feature our public health leaders as they discuss what they are passionate about and what they are advocating for. Look for our Public Health in a Minute segments on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube!

Lunch 'N Learn

Lunch 'N Learn

Lunch 'N Learns allow our students to gain insight on effective advocacy practices associated with various public health issues.

Boot Camp

Activist Lab Bootcamp

Our Activist Lab Bootcamps utilize a full day's time (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) to present and engage on relevant public health issues.

On the Road

On the Road

Activist Lab goes On the Road, talking to advocates, students, faculty members, and professionals about their work, experiences, research, and advocacy efforts. Take a listen—we hope you enjoy!

Advocacy Resource Corner

Advocacy Resource Corner (ARC)

ARC provides information on books, podcasts, and documentaries that Activist Lab members recommend! We hope you find these resources helpful as you learn more about public health and advocacy!

USF College of Public Health Activist Lab Newsletter: Volume 1, February 2024


Welcome to the Activist Lab newsletter! Look inside for information about us, a sample of our projects, events, and more. We hope you enjoy!