Resident Awards

Jewel Brown, MD - Class of 2021
Winner of the 2020 Resident Research Day

Tony Kendle, MD - Class of 2020
Winner of the 2019 Resident Research Day

Michelle Kuznicki, MD - Class of 2019
Winner of the 2018 Resident Research Day

Jeannette Green, MD – Class of 2018
Winner of the 2017 Resident Research Day

Entidhar Al Sawah, MD – Class of 2017
Winner of the 2016 Resident Research Day

Rachel Whynott, MD – Class of 2018
Chosen to attend the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center elective, 2017

Soha Patel, MD – Class of 2015
Winner, ACOG District XII Resident Research Presentation
Winner of the 2015 Resident Research Day

Brian Orr, MD – Class of 2014
Resident member of the Alpha Omega Alpha society
Chosen to attend the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center elective, 2013

Jeannie Chern, MD – Class of 2014
Chosen to attend the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Gynecology Oncology elective, 2013

Laura Gephart, MD – Class of 2014
Winner of the Oral Plenary Sessions at 2012 AMA Research Symposium

Christina Paidas-Teefey, MD – Class of 2015
Winner of the 2014 Resident Research Day

John E. Turlich, MD, Award for Outstanding Teaching Resident

Soha Patel, 2013
Brian Orr, 2012

Outstanding Intern Instructor

Danielle Hardman, 2020
James Lee, 2017
Soha Patel, 2012
Brian Orr, 2011
Karen Duncan, 2010
Ingrid Ramirez Diaz, 2009


Humanism & Excellence in Teaching Award

James Lee, 2017 
Christy Carter, 2016
Jaron Mark, 2014 
Soha Patel, 2013 
Soha Patel, 2012 
Brian Orr, 2011 
Kristie Greene, 2010 
Farah Sultan, 2010 
Ingrid Ramirez, 2009 

Barness-Behnke Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductees

Danielle Hardman, 2020
James Lee, 2020
Sarah Holdt Somer, 2015
Soha Patel, 2011
Fabio Ferrari, 2011 
Ingrid Ramirez, 2010 
Kristie Greene, 2009