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Preliminary Year FAQ

  • We only accept applications through ERAS, our program will open on ERAS on October 1st each year. Applicants that are interviewing at USF’s Advanced Specialty Programs are encouraged to apply.

  • We coordinate with the departments of Radiology, Radiation-Oncology, and Dermatology to provide information about our preliminary year program during their interview days. This is to decrease the applicant’s travel and expenditure burden during the interview season. For applicants applying to other specialties needing a preliminary year, please contact our office to schedule an interview after your USF Advanced Program interview day has been arranged (example: Ophthalmology)

  • We have Preliminary Year programs that are Linked to the advanced programs for Radiology, Radiation-Oncology, and Dermatology. These preliminary programs can only be used on your NRMP rank list in association with the USF Advanced Program (Radiology, Radiation-Oncology, Dermatology). Applicants are able to choose other preliminary program to rank with the USF Advanced Programs. Only applicants that successfully match to the Advanced program will match to the Preliminary Program (if the applicant includes both programs on their rank list, and both programs have the applicant on each list). For more information please visit the website for the National Resident Matching Program.

  • Each year approximately 10-15 positions are offered, there are separate listings on the NRMP to designate each Joint or Linked Preliminary Program (For example IM-Rad-Onc, IM-Derm, IM- Rads). We also have a general Preliminary Year listing that is not Linked with an advanced program.

  • Residents that have completed their preliminary program with USF Internal Medicine benefit by learning the hospital and EMR systems, inpatient and outpatient flow of care, and networking with future colleagues in other specialties. Additionally, the preliminary year intern will have the opportunity to rotate in their field of interest during their PGY1 year. The Internal Medicine Program Director coordinates with the Advanced Program Director to build experiences in the PGY1 year that will enhance or prepare you for your advanced training, additionally each intern participates in the selection of electives in their schedule.