MS Admission Requirements

A bachelor's degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited university MUST BE EARNED by the start of classes. 

A minimum overall GPA of 3.0 OR minimum GPA of 3.0 in the sciences 

All applicants must submit test scores from at least ONE of the following exams scoring at or above the 50th percentile: GRE, MCAT, DAT 
*MCAT strongly preferred for pre-medical applicants

International applicants must meet the University’s requirements for demonstrating English proficiency.

Admission Requirements

Basic Science Requirements

The minimum basic science requirements include introductory courses and laboratories in the following:

2 Semesters - 3 Quarters in each subject
  • English
  • Biological Science including laboratory
  • General Chemistry including laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry including laboratory
  • Mathematics
  • Physics including laboratory

College courses recommended, but not required, include physical chemistry or biological chemistry, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology comparative anatomy, genetics, histology, microbiology and statistics. College level work in calculus is strongly recommended. Consideration should be given by the student to participation in honors courses, independent study, and scientific research.

Overall M.S. Admissions Averages

2016 cycle - GPA: 3.35 MCAT: 27 (old scale) / 501 (new scale) GRE: 308
2015 cycle - GPA: 3.37 MCAT: 26 GRE: 310
2014 cycle - GPA: 3.33 MCAT: 26 GRE: 308
2013 cycle - GPA: 3.28 MCAT: 26 GRE: 308

Can any other exams be used for admissions?
The GRE (General Exam) or MCAT scores will be considered for admission to all programs. Students applying to the pre-professional Medical Science Master’s degree are allowed to submit any of the health professional tests (e.g., PCAT, VCAT, and DAT).

Can test scores be submitted at a later date?
Test scores may be submitted after you have submitted your primary and secondary application. We will NOT review an application until we have received test scores.

Suppose I do not meet the minimum requirements for admissions?
Completing a certificate program is a good way to get a fresh start. Credits from the Health Science certificate can transfer into the 100% online Health Science master's concentration, with approval from the director of the program. Please visit USF Graduate Certificates more details regarding certificate programs. Please note that credits earned in the certificate program are not eligible to transfer to the MS in Medical Sciences pre-professional track. Enrolling in a certificate program does not guarantee admission to a master’s program. Certificate students are considered non-degree and are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Do I need to complete all the basic science requirements?
Our basic science requirements are similar requirements for the majority of health related professional schools. Our advisors will not advise a student to not have these requirements. Failure to complete the basic science requirements may put the student at a disadvantage.

Review Process
In an effort to be fair to all our applicants, our admissions committee will not review any applicant without a complete application or inform a prospective applicant if they are competitive. All applications are holistically reviewed by the admissions committee. If you do not meet the suggested minimum admission criteria, you can still apply and your application will be reviewed. This policy is to ensure equality and objectivity in our admissions process.