Undergraduate Studies

The University of South Florida College of Public Health (COPH) undergraduate programs are designed to give students the education they need to succeed in the ever-expanding Public Health and Health Sciences professions. 

Bachelor's of Science in Public Health

The bachelor of science in public health at the University of South Florida provides students with a flexible degree emphasizing skill development to promote future academic and career success within public health and clinical health professions. Students majoring in public health can pursue specialized coursework in pre-health, epidemiology, biostatistics, food safety, infection control, nutrition, global health, environmental and occupational health, and health coaching, among others. This innovative curriculum can be completed either fully online or through a mix of online and classroom-based courses.

Bachelor's of Science in Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at the University of South Florida provides a highly interdisciplinary degree opportunity to students and offers a valuable combination of hard science, social science, and humanities. This high-quality program offers classroom-based & distance instruction to prepare students for many exciting careers in one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries.