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MCOM Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs

Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs

Master's in Medical Sciences

Professional and graduate schools are continuously striving to recruit the most highly qualified students. Our Masters of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS) programs are designed to assist students in building a solid foundation for future professional and research careers. The courses in our programs are taught by experienced and accomplished faculty in the USF Morsani College of Medicine. The program offers several concentration options to students seeking a Medical Sciences Degree.

In order to distinguish the track and concentration that is best for your needs, a brief description of our MSMS programs can be found below.

Pre-Medical tracks

The medical track concentrations are designed to assist students who are seeking admission to health professional schools (e.g., M.D., D.O., D.D.S., D.V.M., D.P.T., Pharm.D., and P.A. programs).

  • Pre-Professional Program (MSP3)

    A program designed to prepare students for health professional school (including MD, DO, PA, and DPT programs).

    This one-year program has been developed to provide a novel interdisciplinary and concentrated program of study. The rigorous curriculum integrates several disciplines and topics covered in the first and second years of medical school and is designed to allow students to demonstrate their full academic ability and suitability for future careers in healthcare in either academic or clinical environments. The interdisciplinary nature of the program promotes a broad intellectual focus that is required of current and future health-care professionals.

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  • Health Sciences (100% online)

    An online program designed to prepare students for professional schools.

    This program concentration was designed for students to complete their medical sciences degree online. It is suited for students who want to expand their knowledge in the basic medical sciences prior to applying to professional schools. While the curriculum mirrors the pre-professional program, all coursework will be completed 100% online and will take an additional semester to complete due to the course schedule. The ideal student for this program will be self-directed during the facilitation of the coursework via our online platform known as CANVAS.

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  • Anatomy


    A program designed for those with a concentrated interest in Anatomy to prepare for professional schools or teaching. 

    This one-year program concentration was designed to develop expertise and experience in human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology, histology, pathology and laboratory medicine. This curriculum promotes the broad intellectual focus required for future professional students in the anatomical sciences or other health-care related professions. Graduates of these programs are anticipated to continue their professional development at medical and dental schools, as well as a variety of other healthcare professional programs. This program is also suited for those with an interest in teaching in the field of anatomy.

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  • Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS)

    A program designed to enlarge the pool of qualified under-represented minorities and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who are interested in pursuing medicine as a career.

    The IMS concentration is offered out of the Office of Student Diversity and Enrichment within the Morsani College of Medicine. The Interdisciplinary concentration provides qualified students with advanced training in the sciences basic to the practice of medicine. Students will take science and anatomy courses with first year medical students  This program starts in mid-June on an alternative calendar with the medical school. Students from a group under-represented in medicine and/or disadvantaged backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Research Tracks

The research tracks were designed for students who want to pursue a career in research or future educational endeavors in other professional programs, such as a PhD program in Biomedical Sciences. There are several concentrations offered in the research track, which consist of basic/molecular science credits with medical relevance. In order to prepare students for their future educational endeavors in the field of medical research, the program is based on a time demanding and intensely rigorous curriculum. Prospective students will need to review the curriculum of the concentrations to determine the best program that is suited for their future career and educational endeavors.

ms aging and neuroscience icon - brain icon

Aging and Neuroscience: This concentration will focus on basic and applied neuroscience, with an emphasis on neurodegenerative diseases.

ms molecular medicine icon

Molecular Medicine: This concentration will train students on the latest findings, concepts, and experimental techniques in the field, as well allow students to conduct laboratory research.

Women’s Health: This concentration introduces students to the study of women’s health issues and gender-specific topics.

For these concentrations, the courses are scheduled so that the degree can be completed within one year. The main difference between each concentration would be the core course requirements. In general, concentrations consist of an average of seven core science courses, with the remaining courses being offered as electives. While the concentrations do not require a thesis, students are expected to complete directed research courses. Courses within these concentrations will consist of both on-campus and online courses.