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OSHA Training Institute Education Center


USF: An Authorized OSHA Training Institute Education Center

The University of South Florida OSHA Training Institute Education Center (USF OTIEC) is based in the Tampa Bay Area. USF OTIEC has been authorized by OSHA to deliver occupational safety and health training since 2003.

USF OTIEC delivers OSHA’s safety and health courses in the Construction, Maritime, Disaster Site, and General Industries throughout OSHA’s Region 4 - Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and at your worksite located within OSHA’s jurisdiction.

USF OTIEC instructors are industry safety and health professionals who bring the latest information, experience and learning techniques to the active learning classroom and via live synchronous virtual instructor led video conference training. USF OTIEC instructors incorporate real world experiences into the classroom instruction, workshops, and hands-on learning exercises.

For information, please contact the USF OTIEC office:

2612 Cypress Ridge Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544-6313

Phone: (813) 974-2284

OTI Training

Training Delivered On-Site at Your Facility or a Location Convenient to Your Workers

USF OSHA Training Institute Education Center staff and instructors can provide on-site training at a training site convenient to you and your workers, and according to your schedule.

Top 5 benefits of onsite training

  1. Customized courses to meet your needs.
    Our courses can be fully customized to accommodate your organization’s specific needs. We work with you to assess your needs and to tailor the curriculum to your particular safety and health goals.

  2. Flexible scheduling.
    We can accommodate your scheduling needs and present our courses when and where you need it.

  3. Reduced employee travel. 
    We come to you. 

  4. Cost effective classes.
    The average per person rate reduces substantially with group classes.

  5. Group learning = Team building.
    Teams that learn together, succeed together. Having your employees in classes together promotes relationships and boosts the transfer of knowledge to the team. Call 813-974-5270  or email our Contract Coordinator to explore the option of bringing our courses to your facility.