Activist Lab


The purpose of the USF College of Public Health Activist Lab is to serve as the hub of excellence in providing interdisciplinary advocacy, education, research, and service opportunities for students to develop the skills that will promote their success as effective public health advocates and leaders.

Activist Lab Functions & Activities


The Activist Lab offers advocacy training and a chance for students to advocate for particular public health issues and become active in the workings of our local, state, and national government.


The Activist Lab provides seminars, webinars, and other educational opportunities for students and faculty to learn public health advocacy skills and competencies.


The Activist Lab focuses on building and/or utilizing the evidence-based research to inform advocacy efforts around critical public health issues. The Lab will lend itself to practice-based research projects as well.


The Activist Lab allows students to develop leadership skills through mini-leadership institutes that will include seminars, lunch n’ learns, and more.


In the Activist Lab, students are able to join together to develop and implement service activities within the surrounding communities focused on the selected advocacy topics.

Development of Applied Practice Experiences and Integrated Learning Experiences

Through the activities done within the Activist Lab, students may be able to fulfill many of their APE and ILE requirements needed for graduation. Activities include volunteering at the Lab and participating in Lab Activities and Programs. Students may also help develop new programs and activities as well.


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