Surplus Property is university property not used or no longer meets the needs of a department at the school. HSC Assets/Equipment Property program is managed in conjunction with USF Purchasing and Property Services. The primary function of this group is to rid the campus of old, outdated, unused, surplus pieces of equipment/furniture. As soon as it is determined that a piece of equipment or furniture is no longer needed, a Department should connect with the Asset Management website and contacts HSC Facilities Department for disposal of the surplus item.

OFM is aggressively making every effort to rid USF HEALTH corridors, common areas, laboratories, and office spaces of old excess equipment and furniture items. If these items are allowed to accumulate in our corridors and passageways, building evacuation routes are impeded creating potentially very unsafe conditions. It takes a collective effort to keep up with the surplus disposal process. All USF HEALTH departments are encouraged to promptly notify HSC Facilities to rid our spaces of excess (junk) items.