This department is responsible for facilitating execution of routine and daily maintenance calls or work requests for the USF HEALTH organization. The facilities maintenance/requested routine work are actually performed by the Tampa campus Physical Plant personnel. However, our OFM role for this function is to submit actual work requests for departments or instruct customers how to submit “routine work requests.” Additionally, OFM facilitates (thru Tampa campus Physical Plant) daily maintenance and repairs as necessary, responding and addressing health/occupational and life safety issues, coordinating completion of all facility warranty issues on renovated work and newly constructed facilities, hazardous waste and chemical inventory management, and on-scene incident facilitation (security/disaster related). Numerous issues evolve daily requiring OFM staff attention, what follows is a list of some of the major programs/issues and on-going efforts:

  • Fire Safety Compliance 
  • Hazardous Waste Inventory Tracking Program
  • Life Safety and Emergency Evacuation Processes 
  • Facility Warranty Issues
  • Card Access and Key Request

All tasks are performed and facilitated by the OFM. 

  • Facility State Fire Marshall Reports: Annual and sometimes surprise inspections are conducted by the State Fire Marshall accompanied by Tampa campus EH&S personnel. Unfortunately with the amount of research and academic activity occurring on the USF HEALTH campus, numerous violations are noted and have to be corrected. Violations are complied in the form of a work list/plan and must be facilitated to correction. Correction of work requires coordination with Tampa campus physical plant or outside contactors.  Funding for these efforts could either be by Tampa campus Physical Plant Department or HSC. Thirty one violations were noted in 2007 and 49 were noted in 2008.
  • Hazardous Waste Program Coordination: Efforts to inventory and track all USF HEALTH chemical and hazardous waste streams has become increasingly necessary and required.  Collaboration with the Tampa campus EH&S staff to correct violations and manage the program has become a full-time function.  Recent establishment of the HITS (Hazardous Waste Inventory Tracking System) in OFM under the Receiving Section has added an additional tasking that is ever increasing.
  • Life Safety Building Evacuation Plans: A need for building evacuation plans for a number of USF HEALTH buildings (mainly MDC) has surfaced. There were concerns raised after the last campus-wide electrical power outage with regards to building evacuation routes, additionally questioning ADA egress methods. A closer look at evacuation routes throughout USF HEALTH revealed a need to develop/post routing diagrams in many areas. A collaborative effort to develop appropriate evacuation route postings for all HSC buildings with USF Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and the campus ADA Coordinator has started.
  • Facility Warranty Issues: Facility warranty repairs are routinely facilitated thru OFM and the contractor of record. Warranty items are usually system or building components that stop working less than one year after construction. Coordination of noted recent repair issues for the CMS and Nursing Facility are being addressed. Also, other warranty issues are being addressed for the new Morsani Clinic and Medical Staff Office facilities now on line. Please contact our HSC Facilities Office @ 974-3017 if there are any noted system or building issues in this category.
  • Access/Security/Keys: All key and card access requests are processed and granted through the Office of Operations and Facilities Management. Card Access and new keys request are made by filling out the USF Health Key Request form and submitting it to the HSC Facilities Office. Once the form is submitted, it should take approximately 1-2 days to turnaround your request.
  • Procedures for establishing a Facilities Renovation or Building Alternation Projects.

The process for establishing a project involves initiating and completing a USF Health Space Impact Request form.  This form should be completed w/ the description of the requested work; customers are encouraged to clearly “state the need” or explain how you want the space to function. Customers should have their department head or dean sign the request and forward the form to USF HEALTH Office of Operations and Facilities Management for review and approval, if request is not approved, it will be sent back to the requestor with an explanation of the disapproval. Approved request will be forwarded to PPD for screening and concurrent approval. Once approved, your project will be assigned a HSC Project Manager (PM) to coordinate the requested work.