Work requests that involve space alterations/changes are considered facility improvements to a building or facility; this type of work is not executed by the main campus by Physical Plant Division (PPD). Health Science Campus facility improvement work is facilitated and completed by the HSC Facilities Management group or Office of Operations and Facilites Management (OFM).

Request for this type of work is initiated by a submitting a USF Health Space Impact Request form to the HSC Facilities Management Office. In your request, a brief description or scope of work must be provided. Feel free to provide sketches or diagrams of the proposed changes, to assist in describing your needs. Complete the form and have your department Dean or Chair sign on the indicated line, and foward the form to the OFM Office for review and processing. Once the request is reviewed for life safety and facility code compliance, a HSC Project Mgr (PM) is assigned to coordinate execution of the project. Funding for these projects is provided by the department requesting the work or by the HSC PECO Program, if the inititive is well justified and sucessfully competes for available dollars in that program. Typical minor facility improvement or items that are considered new work is noted (but not limited to) as follows:

  • Installing new electrical circuits
  • Add New Lab Benches
  • Install plumbing fixtures
  • Changing/reconfiguring lab/office/classroom layout
  • Upgrading lab/classroom/office spaces
  • Hanging Large Frame Boards/Pictures
  • Providing engineering services for major building equipment installs
  • Painting for reasons other than normal wear and tear
  • Provide space and utility infrastructure modifications to support new occupants

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