Facility Repair/Replacement Work

Routine repair work can be defined as repairing damaged or worn out areas of a building or building systems. Maintenance work can simply be defined as work required to upkeep building and system components.  Maintenance work is routinely accomplished by the main campus Physical Plant department (PPD). Work orders for PPD repair work can be submitted on-line by using the Online Request Form.  Additionally, our HSC Facilities Maintenance group works with PPD, to facilitate timely completion of this type of work.  Provided below, but not limited to, is a list of some probable maintenance repair items:

  • Replace Burned Out Light Fixture Lamps
  • Repair Broken Window Door/Glass
  • Replace/Repair leaky water fixtures
  • Repair Busted Water pipe/lines
  • Repair/Replace Inoperable doors
  • Torn or loose carpet repairs
  • Replace Damaged Ceiling tile
  • Address too cold or too hot spaces
  • Hanging banners or posting signs
  • Repairs to building infrastructure systems, ie. electrical recepticles, circuits, mechanical devices, etc.
  • Repair and maintenance or fire alarm and sprinkler systems